We will support you

We will support you

Aside from the day to day management of SAM, we, as scientific and marketing professionals, take part in education at Universities, publish our research in scientific journals and speak at sensory symposiums as experts in the field.

Dr. Martin Kern – C.E.O.

Dr. Martin Kern received his masters degree in Enology and a Ph.D. in Agricultural Science from the Justus Liebig University, Giessen.

As Managing Director, he is responsible for the entire Eurofins SAM Sensory and Marketing International Business Line with today 14 facilities worldwide. At the same time, he leads the German Branches in Munich and Hamburg as Managing Director.

Thomas Alex – Eurofins SAM Switzerland

Thomas Alex completed his masters degree in food engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich.

He has gained a great deal of experiences at national and leading multinational companies in the food and food supplier industry. He is fluent in German, English, French and Italian. Thomas Alex is Managing Director of the Swiss Entity located in Zurich.

Marion Delbende – Eurofins SAM France

Marion completed her PhD in Sociology and her professional Phd Degree in international project management from Paris V University.

She has a strong background in Project management and Research on consumers behaviors understanding. Before joining SAM France, she was project manager in food and cosmetic industries. She is Managing Director of the French entity (7 facilities) and is based in Paris.

Paolo Manfredi – Eurofins SAM Italy

Paolo Manfredi pursued studies in the medical and economic fields at the Universities of Pisa and Parma respectively.

He has a strong background in the organization of fielding product testing and in service supplies and is the Managing Director of the Italian Entity located in Milan.

Patricia Silva

Patricia Silva is a Food Engineer with a Master´s degree in Food Science and Technology by Catholic University of Portugal, and a Ph.D. in Sensory Science and Consumer Behaviour by Wageningen University of the Netherlands.

Her expertise focus on emotion measurement as a toll to understand food choice and experience of consumption. Patricia Silva is the Managing Director of the Spanish Entity in Barcelona, Spain.